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Back pain what to do...

Whether this is your first back pain or your fourth, it is always important to first contact your doctor.

There are many options for managing lower back pain, from taking a simple pain reliever to the last resort of surgery. But the first thing you need to do is find out the cause of the pain. Your doctor will be able to carefully evaluate the source of your back pain and recommend a valid treatment plan.

It is essential that you know everything about the risks and benefits of any treatment proposed to you and above all you must be aware of the objectives you want to achieve. Maybe you don't intend to climb a mountain but simply want to do some long walks during your next vacation. Feel free to seek a second, or even a third opinion, it's still about your health, especially if invasive interventions such as surgery, experimental treatments or expensive therapies are proposed.

Just as there is no single cause for back pain, there is no single solution to treat the pain. Much depends on your clinical picture, what is presented to you, what objectives you consider important, but remember that these must also be achievable. After taking all this into consideration, the decision will largely be up to you.

The most important thing remains, at least immediately, to try to alleviate the pain. Always remember that to resolve the problem definitively you must first discover the cause.

For example, your back pain may be due to an injury, in this case a physiotherapist could be right for you and could advise you which movements to avoid so as not to run into the problem again.

If, however, your back pain is because your abdominal muscles, the famous core, are not strong enough to support your movements, thus contributing to back pain, you could consider a training program, gymnastics or yoga exercises that will certainly it would help you improve your fitness.

In the case of disc compression, the best thing would be to seek the advice of a specialist.

Stress or tension present in other parts of the body, or an incorrect lifestyle, as well as psychological trauma or pressing situations that have been going on for some time, could be the cause of back pain; in this case a valid alternative could be to learn to breathe and manage emotions to relieve physical and psychological pain.

Non-invasive treatments to consider could be Yoga Therapy and Psychological Coaching, based on your needs.

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