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Welcome I'm Wendy,
and I'm happy to tell myself
a little to you.

In 2011 I moved from Amsterdam to Sicily, I am the proud mother of Allegra and I live happily with my family in Palermo, a city full of sun, good energy and joie de vivre.


Always in Palermo I carry on my Yoga and Yoga Therapy activities.

Yogandy is my Yoga school where I carry out Yoga and Meditation lessons in collaboration with other teachers who practice different styles of Yoga.  

Yogandy is also involved in teacher training and the organization of immersive retreats.

YogaTherapySicilyinstead it is  my institute focused on Therapeutic Yoga.  It is a meeting point for all those who are in search of their physical, mental and spiritual well-being.


ThereYoga Therapy it does not require any experience, the only thing required is the will to arrive at an optimal state of well-being and balance to which each of us can truly aspire.

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My path

Yogandy was born in January 2018, many years after my first approach to yoga and meditation, which took place in 2002 during a Taoism course.

At the beginning of this adventure I was very skeptical, but it was the beginning of a journey that, although I started slowly, I never stopped walking, deepening and loving.


After the Taoism internship, I attended several holistic courses, including the Japanese Reiki technique and different styles of Yoga in India, Bali, Amsterdam, Italy and Europe, obtaining certifications such as Yoga Alliance of Yoga, _cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_YACEP, Taoism and Reiki. 


Later I started studying the teachings of the IAYT  (International Accredited Yoga Therapy) to deepen and master a broader and more scientific approach and not just holistic and traditional. 

My training path is constant

"work-in-progress" that will never end because Yoga is an infinite world and with every experience you discover something you didn't know.


Lately I have dedicated myself to one-on-one lessons, appreciating the therapeutic potential that only private meetings can offer.

YogaTherapy appointments take place in a personal way, or in  small groups with a maximum of 6 participants.

Fiori di cotone

I have developed a Spiritual Coaching program

which helps to identify patterns, both of a practical and mental nature, and acquire the ability to modify them in order to then be able to maintain the new behavioral dynamics over time.

My approach is simple, practical and effective. It consists of completing some well-defined phases and, at the beginning,  is easily manageable independently.

Together we will decide "your path" and the objectives to be achieved by managing your path in a flexible and harmonious way.  Being motivated is very important but your personal pace will always be respected to allow you to achieve what I like to call "your new "footprint".

Also in this case the best results are obtained with a one-on-one "tailoring" approach.

Corso di Yoga

Who loves

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