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Every being is a world unto itself, the effectiveness of Yoga Therapy lies in its personalization, in its sartorial approach that takes into consideration every aspect and every need of the single individual.

Persona in possesso di una posa yoga

Yoga Therapy is widely used in the treatment of musculoskeletal pathologies, spinal problems, lumbar problems and herniated discs.

It is a valid aid in the  treatment of sleep disorders, such as insomnia or apneas, and is indicated for restoring optimal sleep quality.

Yoga Therapy can be beneficial in cases of anxiety, hyperventilation, digestive problems and in cases of hypotension or even hypertension


It is suitable for people of any age and gender and it is not necessary to be young and flexible to start, the benefits will be evident after just a few sessions.

Yoga Therapy brings the body and mind back into balance, and can lead to good recovery or significant changes in quality of life.


Today we have finally come to appreciate how necessary and indispensable it is to insert this form of therapy into the lives of all of us in order to be able to cope with the constant demands of an increasingly chaotic and complex everyday life.

Pratica Yoga prenatale

Prenatal Yoga Therapy is a physical, body and respiratory practice for pregnant women. 

It helps to improve breathing and, for this reason, it is very useful during pregnancy  because it favors the oxygenation of the maternal blood by transmitting more oxygen to the baby, thus favoring its optimal development.

Furthermore, it is also an excellent preparation course for childbirth and teaches how to maintain correct posture in everyday life. 

Yoga Therapy helps prevent some ailments such as sciatica, back pain and  sore pelvis and a hard stomach.  Improves sleep and helps to relax during the last months of pregnancy.

Senior Yoga Therapy provides stretching and twisting exercises that can relieve pain deriving from chronic pathologies that are very common among the elderly, such asosteoporosis and arthritis. 

The Yoga Senior practice  is necessarily gentler and less energetic than the Yoga practiced by the younger ones. The torsions become light and moderate also giving particular attention to the new hormonal needs   of the woman in menopause.


Yoga Therapy can help keep your back more flexible and in better posture, reducing the risk of getting used to incorrect positions that seem to give relief at the moment, but can cause annoying pain in the long run.

Coppie anziane Yoga Praticare
Meditare in natura

There is nothing more fulfilling than when you feel in control of your body and in tune with your being. Practicing Yoga surrounded by nature is an unforgettable experience. Nature and Yoga are an essential combination and for this reason that in the summer we offer outdoor experiences and retreats surrounded by greenery.

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